Message from Dr. Jose F. Moreno

I am Dr. Jose F. Moreno. My wife Lorena and I have four daughters with 3 of our girls attending Anaheim public schools and our oldest beginning her first year at UCLA. Lorena is a public school principal and I am a university professor at CSU Long Beach. We have lived in Anaheim's District 3 for over 15 years.

In 2012 I joined our communities in advocating for District-based elections as it is my firm belief that a government closest to its people is the best form of government.

In 2016 I ran for City Council in our City's first-ever District-based elections to bring honesty, integrity, and transparency to City Hall. I shared with voters my belief that engaged, honest, and accountable leadership can protect Anaheim's fiscal stability while providing safe neighborhoods and parks, after-school programs, modernized infrastructure, and responsible developments that bring jobs families can live on. 

At that time, our leaders were handing out precious public assets: giving hundreds of millions in corporate subsidies and giveaways with little accountability. Meanwhile, our neighborhoods were neglected and struggled with broken streets, missing streetlights, minimal park space with increased housing costs and number of people in homelessness growing.

We won the 2016 election to represent Anaheim's District 3 in historic fashion despite being outspent 10:1 by big corporate interests. We succeeded thanks to an amazing number of local volunteers that included youth, families, and neighborhood leaders. Through our election we showed that an authentic campaign focused on people and local neighborhoods; a campaign that is not afraid to stand up to big corporate interests; and a campaign that is driven by faith, love, and humility can indeed take on special corporate interests and win. 

I am now running for re-election to continue representing District 3 on the Anaheim City Council, where my family and I have lived for over 15 years. And we need your support. 

As your Councilman, I will continue to work with residents and businesses across the political spectrum to make Anaheim a world-class city for tourists composed of world-class neighborhoods for residents. When we work together, everyone thrives. We cannot go back to the days when city leaders focused their attention to well-connected and wealthy corporations & lobbyists that neglected the needs of our residents and neighborhoods. As I often said during the 2016 campaign, "Our leaders have invested billions on the children of tourists, it is time we invest in the children of Anaheim!" 

Since my election in November 2016, we have made great strides in bringing a focus to the needs of all of Anaheim and not just resort interests and a few select neighborhoods. In just under 18 months in office we have:

  • Secured 4 acres of downtown space for park development
  • Secured Northgate Market property on Anaheim Blvd. to build a community academic learning center
  • Reformed Boards & Commissions to assure they reflect Anaheim's Districts
  • Fully engaged in alleviating Homelessness through our Homelessness Policy Working Group
  • Secured prioritizing of pedestrian safety efforts near parks & schools
  • Ended Corporate Tax Giveaway Policies

Our children, families, and neighborhoods are the strength of our City but were too often neglected by previous City Council majorities. Join our campaign as we continue the momentum we've built that seeks to meet the promise of District-based elections; Join our campaign to continue the momentum of bringing neighborhood voices to City Hall; Join our campaign so we can bring back City Hall to its people! 

Let's keep moving Anaheim Forward Together!

I humbly ask for your support to continue our work for a greater, better Anaheim!

Thank you,

Jose F. Moreno

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