Honesty & Transparency

  • Ended Corporate Tax Giveaway Policy (Previous Council gave over $700 million in future tax revenues to Disney Corp. and Luxury Hotel Developers)

  • Author of “Sunshine & Lobbyist Registry” requiring transparency in development projects and public registry of lobbyists working to influence City policies and projects

  • Advocated for extension of public notification requirement for public and private projects


  • Reformed Boards & Commissions to reflect diversity of all Anaheim Districts

  • Authored establishment of Youth and Senior Commissions

  • “Welcoming Anaheim” Initiative to promote immigrant entrepreneurship and integration


  • Secured 4 acres of downtown space for park development (3.7 acres)

  • Secured Northgate Market for use as Community Academic Center (1.2 acres)

  • Secured Park & School Traffic Safety Priority program for pedestrian safety near schools & parks

  • Supporting resort living wage initiative sponsored by resort workers

  • Neighborhood and Park safety and enhancement walks to advocate for neighborhood investments

  • Homelessness Policy Working Group to develop responsible policies to alleviate homelessness

  • Affordable Housing policy initiatives to accelerate housing for low to extremely low income families

  • Anaheim schools Pledge with UC Irvine, CSU Fullerton, Cypress and Fullerton Community Colleges

  • Over 150 individual meetings with residents and local businesses; 100+ community events attended; and held over 40 neighborhood meetings in District 3 covering central-north Anaheim