Why I'm Running

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  • Investing in Our Neighborhoods
    • We need to bring balance to our City with investments in our neighborhoods. We have streets in Anaheim with no streetlights, parks with no grass, and aging infrastructure in our residential areas.

      Over the past several years, the City Council has invested hundreds of millions of dollars on projects in the Resort District. Sadly, these investments have been via corporate tax giveaways and local corporate tax-exemptions to well-connected and well financed lobbying groups. We certainly need to invest in these assets, but they should not be at the expense of our fiscal health. While we give away hundreds of millions of future revenues to well connected developers our City Council is borrowing money to pave streets and fix streetlights.

      Our neighborhoods and our families are what set this city apart, and we need to support these assets as well. In order to be a world-class city, we need more than world-class tourist attractions - we need world-class neighborhoods.

      As your City Councilman I will stand up against crony capitalism in the form of corporate-tax giveaways.

      As your City Councilman I will bring balance to our City budgets with a focus on supporting local businesses and investing in our neighborhoods.

  • Prioritizing Our Children
    • When our children see us doing right by them, they will do right for themselves. As a School Board member for over 8 years, I was proud to see student achievement increase in the classroom, but disappointed to see a lack of opportunities for them after the school day ends.

      The City of Anaheim needs more than great schools for our kids, it needs to support sports leagues, volunteer opportunities, and extracurricular academic programs for all of our youth to participate in. This will give our young people greater opportunities to succeed in life, keep them off the streets, and build a stronger community among parents and neighbors.

      As your City Councilman I will work with local schools, businesses, and community-based organizations to foster collaborations and partnerships to insure our collective resources are serving all of Anaheim’s communities.

  • Creating Family-Sustaining Jobs
    • The City Council has created a significant number of construction and tourism jobs in Anaheim. Looking to the future, we need to expand our job-growth strategies to include family-sustaining jobs in current and other sectors, including technology and health care. I will work with entrepreneurs and economic development agencies to create a balanced approach to job creation and grow a diverse job market in Anaheim.

  • Keeping Our Community Safe
    • Crime is trending upwards in Anaheim. We must build stronger relationships between neighborhoods and the police. Increasing our police force is only one part of a broader solution that needs to be implemented. We need to create authentic community dialogues with our Police Department to develop policies that respect our civil liberties while protecting our public safety. Strong public safety must include responsible investments in programs that intervene early in children's lives to keep them off the streets as teens and adults.

      As a School Board member, active member in several community organizations, and a member of the Anaheim Police Chief's Advisory Board, I have the experience and relationships to work with police and community stakeholders to create a comprehensive response to our communities’ public safety. I will be a tireless advocate for keeping our families and our neighborhoods safe.

  • Sustaining Our Neighborhoods' Integrity
    • One of the critical issues facing our neighborhoods in Anaheim is short term rentals. Short term rentals are vacation homes, homes that have been converted. While I value the entrepreneurial spirit of folks who are looking to make ends meet and or to improve their business, it should not be at the expense of our neighborhoods.

      When my wife and I moved to Anaheim years ago, we moved into a neighborhood where we wanted our children to grow up with other children. We wanted our children to grow up within the integrity of a neighborhood near schools and near parks. We didn’t think that our neighborhood would become a hotel zone.

      Over a year ago, the City of Anaheim passed a regulation that would require short term rental owners to pull out permits to allow them to run their business--and that's what short term rentals are--a business. When the Council passed the regulation, there were eighty to one hundred short term rentals in the City of Anaheim--now there are over 400! Where they were once concentrated in the resort area, which in it of itself needed to be regulated, they are now spreading across the city. Compromising once again, the integrity of our neighborhoods.

      As your City Councilman, I will fight and work with neighborhoods to make sure that we restore the integrity of our neighborhoods.

      As your City Councilman I will support a ban on short-term rentals that phases out current short-term rentals to keep the integrity of neighborhoods intact.

  • Oppose Corporate Giveaways and Crony Capitalism
    • Our neighborhoods need more attention. Our leaders hand out precious public assets: giving hundreds of millions in corporate subsidies and giveaways with little accountability. Meanwhile, our neighborhoods are neglected--struggling with broken streets, missing streetlights, and minimal park space. While our current City Council majority borrows money to pave our streets and fix our streetlights, they give away hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate tax giveaways to multi-million dollar corporations to campaign contributors, including a 45 year local tax exemption to the Disney Corporation. We must stop pay to play politics.

      As your City Councilman I will oppose corporate welfare and crony capitalism.

      As your City Councilman I will stop pay to play politics. Our City’s budget should not be an ATM for well connected corporations and their lobbyists.